Frightmore Haunted House Georgia

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Frightmore Haunted House Georgia

Address: 1905 Mt Zion Rd, Morrow, GA 30260

Georgia Haunted Houses (770) 778-1650

Features both The Crypt and Infected:

The Crypt:
Voids exist in this world where sinful transgressions have carved a yawning incision in the fabric of the Underworld, where sinister entities have reign. Such places are damned; hellacious, unsettling chambers where no mortal should loose their way.

Ezra, now haunted by what can not be unseen or heard, retreats to his reclusive and nightmarish ways in the service of the local pshchiatric ward away from prying eyes. He has been compared to an urban legend, a living harbinger of death. Don’t miss Frightmore Haunted House Georgia.