The Haunted Mill Idaho

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The Haunted Mill Idaho

Address: 95 N 2400 East, Teton, Idaho

Idaho Haunted Houses (208) 458-4256

While The Haunted Mill was only opened to the public in 1997, it has been spooking friends and family of The Haunted Mill, Inc. for decades. Much of the story content is fiction, but there are several instances which are fact -we’ll let you decide which legends are true.

Built in 1890 by James Siddoway, Robert Siddoway and James Briggs, the Siddoway Briggs Co. Financed by James Briggs.

Since money was scarce, the gristmill exchanged wheat for flour and script, (a form of money).

About 1906, the mill site became a home for a culinary water supply for the town of Teton, also an electrical facility called Teton Light & Power.

On Sept. 2, 1892, using a steam powered generator operated by Will Naylor, the first 100 lbs. of Old Faithful Flour was produced.

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