Stillwell Manor Indiana

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Stillwell Manor Indiana

Address: 1704 E 60th St, Anderson, IN

Indiana Haunted Houses (765) 393-1645

Stillwell Manor Haunted House
Journey through the mansion, lost in time for over a 140 years and face the wrath of the tortured souls that are trapped within.

Isabell’s Beyond
Come to the Big Top and check out the areas greatest “Freaks”! We have it all; a bearded lady, Lobster Boy, a 2 head baby, and much more. Finish with amazing Iasbell that will blow your mind with her powers! Isabell’s Beyond where everyone will feel a chill.

Venture into the world of “Tantibus” and see your “Nightmares” up close and personal. Who said nightmares only happen while you sleep? Don’t miss Stillwell Manor Indiana.