Circle of Ash Iowa

From $20

Circle of Ash Iowa

Address: 201 Central City Rd, Central City, IA 52214

Iowa Haunted Houses (319) 540-3327

Shh, did you hear that? Circle of Ash rises again at the Linn Country Fairgrounds!

Circle of Ash is back and better than ever! Mixing elements of indoor and outdoor style haunted attractions, Circle of Ash delivers the best of both worlds. Meet Molly in the house she lives in, experience all your senses in our sensory area, find your way through the intense industrial theme, and get your medical checkups on your way to the woods in back. All new areas of TOTAL DARKNESS await, and a lot of beautiful, scary sets for our monsters to hide. The best part? Our dormant VORTEX TUNNEL IS BACK! Are you brave enough to go first? Don’t miss Circle of Ash Iowa.