Scream Acres Iowa

From $20

Scream Acres Iowa

Address: 3260 69th St, Atkins, IA 52206

Iowa Haunted Houses (319) 446-7667

Iowa haunted attraction, Scream Acres now features four premier attractions:

Cell Block Z
The zombie apocolypse has taken over a prison- claiming all inside. The most terrifying experience yet, can you make it out alive? Or will Cell Block Z claim you?
The Cornfield
A horrifying journey along a twisting and turning path through the corn. If you’ve never been in a cornfield at night then you hardly stand a chance in our haunted cornfield with ghosts, goblins, creepers and reapers. If you’ve never been scared this will be the place that changes that.
Carnival Chaos
A 2800 sq ft haunt… Welcome to the Carnival! Not for the faint of heart; this heart pounding adventure blurs the lines between reality and nightmares…and leads you through a maze of possibilities…be careful which ones you choose, because you never know what will be waiting for you on the other side!
The Slaughterhouse
Only the brave should enter this haunted slaughterhouse…once a home, now the prison to all who enter…it is filled with the spirits of the dead, claimed by someone still inside. Take the hidden passageways and you might be able to escape the same gruesome fate as those imprisoned here. Be careful, and watch your back…or he will find you! Don’t miss Scream Acres Iowa.