Ghost City Tours New Orleans

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Ghost City Tours New Orleans

Address: 798 Chartes Street, New Orleans, LA 31401

New Orleans Haunted Houses (888) 859-5375

New Orleans is widely considered to be the most haunted city in America. Here at Ghost City, we like to think that all of the cities we operate in are equally haunted (kinda like loving parents, ha), however, New Orleans certainly stands out. Not only because it is where the home office of Ghost City is located, but because it genuinely seems like everyone you meet in New Orleans has their own Ghost Story.

In 2014, Ghost City started offering our Ghost Tours in New Orleans. Within 2 years, we have easily become New Orleans’ most popular Ghost Tour company. Our outstanding reputation on review websites, such as TripAdvisor, have certainly helped. It wasn’t always easy. We never resorted to desperate tactics like Groupon. And because of the hard work all of our staff has put in, we are proud to say, and are very confident in saying so, that we offer the best ghost tours in New Orleans’ French Quarter

Experience the Ghost City Tours New Orleans. You won’t be disappointed.