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Address: 10280 E. Stanley Rd., Davison, MI

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Born in 1863, Bronislawa Sklodowska of Warsaw Poland showed great academic ability by the age of 17, and after marrying Sir Francis Adlands of Lancastershire England, began to study at Warsaw’s clandestine Floating University. They had a son, Ernest in 1882 and the family moved to Paris in 1890 where Bronislawa studied physics at the University of Paris.

Bronislawa was soon followed by her sister, Marie Sklodowska-Curie to which the young Ernest took an immediate interest in her work with physics and her discovery of radioactive isotopes. He became an avid student of Professor Curie, working in a lab as an assistant to French physicist, Henri Becquerel. Ernest earned his doctorate at the University of Paris and his controversial research using polonium as medical treatments for disease led Dr. E Adlands to flee Paris in 1911 for the United States where he married and settled in the quiet back-country near the village of Davison, Michigan. Don’t miss Dreadlands Haunt Michigan.