Haunted Farm of Terror Michigan

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Haunted Farm of Terror Michigan

Address: 28405 26 Mile Rd, New Haven, MI 48048

Florida Haunted Houses (586) 203-7222

Haunted Farm of Terror is operated on the old Alongi property in Lenox Twp. Michigan. For 100 years, the property has served the community via beautiful flowers and gardens, fruits and vegetables, mechanics, hauling, and metal art.

Over the last 50 years, the family had become ‘bored’ with what they could and could not… grow, of this Earth. As head of the family, Lazerus Alongi was pushing his age up to 122 years on this planet, and with that came a vast knowledge of botany, biology, chemistry, astronomy, metaphysics, and engineering. This list could continue for hours, as well as the responsibility of the beholder that follows…

The Family began experimenting with what they could grow in their fields and in their laboratories. They began questioning what is or was ‘alive’ and what is or was ‘dead,’ and the limits to which they could push organisms to the brink of life and death. They began testing. First came the plant life, then the animals; pigs, horses, monkeys and primates, dogs, fish, alligators…

Not a single soul questioned their activities or motives; not their reasoning or any logic.

And then they started requesting bodies, tissues, and organs…

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