Realm of Darkness Michigan

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Realm of Darkness Michigan

Address: 37 Turk, Pontiac, MI

Michigan Haunted Houses (248) 338-0029

As for back as 2007, actors and patrons started seeing and hearing things in The House that had no logical explanation. The reports centered on strange occurrences at all hours, but especially after the house closed. It started with a 40’s or 50’s era phone booth, with a phone that would mysteriously ring in the middle of the night. The phone was not plugged in. In fact, there was NO wiring anywhere ON the booth and it was stored in a prop area that had no telephone jacks and no power!

Actors began hearing voices and noises. Items were being moved from where they were originally placed. Books were being re-stacked, props were being physically moved from one side of the room to the other, and there were clocks that seemed to be…..pulsing. Don’t miss Realm of Darkness Michigan.