Halloween Haunt Missouri

From $36

Halloween Haunt Haunt Haunted House Missouri

Address: 4545 Worlds of Fun Ave, Kansas City, MO

Missouri Haunted Houses (816) 454-4545

Fears will come alive among our horrifying mazes and scarezones. Enter the darkest of dwellings of our Haunt mazes or walk through the terrifying scare zones, and come face to face with monsters, creatures, and the unknown. Enter if you dare, survive if you can.

Scariness comes in all forms including one of our live shows from stages and areas throughout the park. Watch out, you never know what kind of performance will have you screaming with delight…or fear.

The Haunted attractions are not the only things that will make you scream. Our thrill rides and rollercoasters will bring you to new heights of terror,and plunge you into the darkness. Don’t miss Halloween Haunt Missouri.