Hotel of Terror Missouri

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Hotel of Terror Missouri

Address: 334 N Main Ave, Springfield, MO

Missouri Haunted Houses (417) 863-9640

At that time it was not safe to let your kids go trick or treating any longer , The kids didn’t have anything to do for Halloween so we thought we would give them something fun to do besides getting into trouble soaping windows and toilet papering houses.

Since 1978 the Hotel of Terror has been a safe place to bring your whole family or just drop off your kids while the worried mother sits in the car watching them move forward in the line until they disappear in the door. In the beginning it only took 5 to 10 minuets to go all the way thru the building we only used the two top floors at that time and we didn’t put the 96 foot slide in until 1980. Don’t miss Hotel of Terror Missouri.