Macabre Cinema Missouri

From $15

Macabre Cinema Missouri

Address: 1222 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO

Missouri Haunted Houses (816) 842-0320

We dare you to try the new “Bat Pole” at the Macabre Cinema Haunted House! It is an insane 4 story plunge into darkness but it may be your only way to escape!

Are you ready to go from the screen to SCREAM? Welcome to the Macabre Cinema Haunted House. Don’t just watch it, LIVE the action of classic and contemporary horror scenes on your 45 minute – one hour adventure through our haunted 1930’s movie theatre. Macabre Cinema continues the open format of The Beast Haunted House (opened in 1991) through more than 30 dramatic scenes housed throughout the 4 floors and, if you dare, the dungeon. Don’t miss Macabre Cinema Missouri.