NecroPlanet FearFest Missouri

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NecroPlanet FearFest Missouri

Address: 1207 Rogers St., Columbia, MO

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NecroPlanet is nationally recognized as one of the best haunted attractions in Missouri and is conveniently located near all three college campuses and downtown Columbia. It features two interactive haunted attractions, The Pit and the legendary Necropolis, now in its 12th year! Come experience ultimate terror this Halloween season! The apocalypse isn’t coming… it’s here!

FearFest is now under new management and has been completely remodeled and expanded for its 14th year of terror! It features two brand new attractions: Hawthorn State Asylum and The Mortuary. FearFest is located just a short five minute drive from Columbia right off of I-70. Horror and fright await you at the all new FearFest! Don’t miss NecroPlanet FearFest Missouri.