Bonnie Screams Nevada

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Bonnie Screams Nevada

Address: 16395 Bonnie Springs Rd, 89124 Las Vegas, NV

Nevada Haunted Houses (702) 875-4191

MisfIT Manor
As people continue to disappear, the rumor mill churns they have been taken. News broadcasts report their last known location was near the storm drains on MisfIT Road. Terror ascends as it is feared the legend is true. The wicked clown with razor sharp teeth and dark, threatening eyes is real…and he is waiting. In the shadows of MisFit Manor, he anticipates his next victim. Will your fate lay in his hands?

Enter into the world where rules don’t apply. Only lawlessness and utter chaos prevail here. As the day draws to a close and the moon reflects the only glimmer of light, no protection remains. Blood curling screams penetrate the night, as do the shrieks of utter terror. As the victims cry out, no help exists here. It is every person for themselves, and they are desperate for survival. Enter only if you dare.

Where the unwanted go, is where the nightmare unfolds. Painted swine faces jump out from the dark, alongside the forbidden clowns. Only terror exists behind these walls, which has become a breeding ground for the depraved. No light exists in this dark world, where they seek to convert the innocent. Those who dare come into their realm may never be the same.

House of 1,000 Clowns
Vivid colors whirling in the dark, they rush out from blackened corners hoping to catch the unsuspecting. With their painted faces, bright neon bows, and sinister smiles, their allure instantly draws you in. Feigning joy and happiness, they will turn in a minute, revealing the evil that propels their every move. Inch by inch, as you make your way through their world, don’t blink. They are waiting. The clowns are everywhere.

Terror Trail
There is a cold, sinister dread creeping along the Bonnie Screams trail. Eerie and intensely frightful, there are movements and attacks on this isolated dirt road. Aside from the chilling echoes of a train in the distance, silence greets those who walk this way. Beware of the eyes staring from behind the bushes and trees, watching your every step. They have been waiting for you.

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