The Dark Carnival New Jersey

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The Dark Carnival New Jersey

Address: 136 Atlantic City Blvd, Bayville NJ, 08721

New Jersey Haunted Houses (732) 599-5147

Since Antiquity, visually unusual beings had been exhibited in public spaces. In the 16th century, street performances involving these beings were organized for the enjoyment of the public.

Later Freak shows featuring a number of ‘monsters’ contributed to the success of travelling shows. For more than a hundred years, the sideshow was to become an indispensable part of American circus culture. Classic attractions of the past included the giant, the fat lady, the midget, the three-legged boy, the armless wonder and the thin man.

105 Sideshows used to exist in the United States alone, but today the business of sideshows has all but disappeared due to public scorn. Until today…..

The Dark Carnival brings you New Jersey’s First Traveling Side Show.

Be amazed as you meet the Morbus, the Aquatic Fish Boy. Taken straight from the Atlantic waters off Morocco, Morbus is an exotic, land dwelling fish that one must see to believe.

Step back as you witness the spectacle of Algano, the Amphibious Lizard Man. Complete with scales and a slimy coat, Algano is sure to challenge your minds boundaries between the possible and impossible.

Finally, our greatest attraction… Mongo the Human Mutant. Grotesquely deformed, one might debate if Mongo is human at all. Completely devoid of all ability to learn and function in the human world, Mongo has known nothing but sideshow life since his birth. Be careful as you approach him however he can be as dangerous as he is unusual.

So come one, come all to the Dark Carnival !!! If you have unquenchable curiosity for the outlandish, thirst for the unknown, and both an attraction and repulsion for the diseased and deformed, we have put together the show for you. Visit our Sideshow of Oddities and we assure you that your mind, your curiosity, and all the beliefs you have ever held true will be questioned forever. The Dark Carnival New Jersey