Camp Fear North Carolina

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Camp Fear North Carolina

Address: 601 Princess Ln, Hiddenite, NC 28636

Maryland Haunted Houses (828) 632-3815

His name was Daniel, everyone said he was harmless. He had a Childs mind in a mans body and that scared some people who were uncomfortable with anything different. Then of course there was his face….Daniel would spend his days sitting up in the highest branches of the trees in the woods behind his fathers small dental office. He loved watching the people pass right below him through the path in the woods ( a shortcut to his fathers practice) and never know he was there. Sometimes Daniel wished he could have friends and play with the other kids but despite his fathers many failed and painful operations to fix the horrible face he was born with if any child got a look at him they would run in fear and screams or the crueler children would tease and throw sticks at him.

Daniel found the only creatures that could bear to be near him were natures own “birth defects” the rats, snakes and spiders. The creatures everyone took extra steps to avoid. He soon found a way to communicate with these creatures and found a kinship with them that he could never find with another human being, as even his own mother would turn away from his horrible face. Time passed and Daniel withdrew further and further into his own twisted reality. He loved to watch the spiders spin their webs and wait for their victims to get trapped and fight to escape while the spiders drained the life from them. He fantasized about paralyzing someone with his bite like his beloved snake friends and having people under HIS spell …

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