Fortress of Nightmares Rhode Island

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Fortress of Nightmares Rhode Island

Address: 90 Fort Adams Drive, Newport, RI 02840

Rhode Island Haunted Houses (401) 841-0707

Fortress of Nightmares in Rhode Island has four featured haunts:

Tunnels of Terror
Tunnels of Terror is an interactive maze of ghoulish horror! You never know what awaits you around the next turn as you weave your way through our intricate system of underground tunnels.

Fortress of Nightmares haunted house Rhode Island

Mayhem 3D
A new attraction for 2016 walks you through the South Wall of Fort Adams. We’ve also made this attraction with ChromaDepth techniques which requires the use of 3-d glasses while inside. Mayhem will reign as you try to make your way through our twisted scenes.

Fort Adams was has been a paranormal hot spot for decades. We’ve had our own experiences, and have years of paranormal evidence collected by a few well respected and local investigation teams. Through their dedication, and hard work, another group, TAPS was notified, and sent a team to investigate and film an episode of “Ghost Hunters”. We’ve set up a paranormal exhibit that you can explore on your own, and form your own conclusions.


Turned! A Zombie Experience is an all NEW attraction using our state of the art laser tag system. You’ll be outfitted with a laser tagger, and will have a limited amount of time to try and survive. As your friends and team mates begin to turn into zombies, you’ll need to do your best to avoid them – if you get to close to the infected, then you’ll turn! Don’t miss Fortress of Nightmares Rhode Island.