Dark Knights Terror Trail South Carolina

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Dark Knights Terror Trail South Carolina

Address: 2076 Hwy Church Rd, Elgin, SC 29045

South Carolina Haunted Houses (803) 309-5586

Located in South Carolina, Dark Knight’s Terror trail features three haunted attractions:

Take a tour inside the haunted warehouse, discover the horrors and souls that inhabit the Dark Knight’s indoor trail. Hope that you aren’t taken prisoner to become a “guest” of the building for good!

Follow a guide through the haunted woods behind the warehouse. Experience the various souls and creatures that wander the dark woods at night. Will you exit or will the woods consume you?!

​Zombies have inhabited the woods of Elgin. Fight to stay alive and help save the future of your group in this Zombie Survival Scenario. Use weapons to kill the zombies before they kill you and your group just MIGHT live to explore another day! Don’t miss Dark Knights Terror Trail South Carolina.