Ghost City Tours San Antonio

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Ghost City Tours San Antonio

Address: 798 Chartes Street, New Orleans, LA 31401

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The Ghosts of Old San Antonio is a history buff’s dream tour. Not only will you hear about the ghosts of the haunted locations you visit, you’ll also hear about the Historic events and the founders who helped shape San Antonio. Their love for this beautiful city is evident in their desire to stay here…even after death.

San Antonio was named ‘One of The Most Haunted City in America’ however, many of the ghost tours rely on exaggeration and made-up stories to send shivers up your spine. The Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour leaves all of that nonsense behind. All of the locations you are taken to are thoroughly researched to ensure that you are given the facts about San Antonio’s haunted history. You won’t find any made up stories on the Ghosts of Old San Antonio Tour.

Experience the Ghost City Tours San Antonio. You won’t be disappointed.